What’s been happening in the world of education just lately?

  • It’s probably no surprise to find out that weight-related discrimination leads to increased depressive symptoms but that’s what new research has found. Researchers from University College London and University of Liverpool analysed data on more than 17,000 children born across the UK in 2000-01, who are taking part in the Millennium Cohort Study and found high BMI and mental ill-health go increasingly hand-in-hand to present a combined health risk for children from mid-childhood.
  • Education and sports experts lobby for English schools to host holiday activities.
  • Senior coroner Maria Voisin argues that more work needs to be done to make sure students declare their mental health issues without fear of missing out on a place at university.
  • The Social Mobility Commission has warned inequality will remain entrenched in the UK “from birth to work” unless the government takes urgent action.
  • A radical new report from World Innovation Summit for Education-Innovation Unit calls for learners to get out of the classroom more and grasp the opportunities of flexible modern ‘learning ecosystems’. The report, Local Learning Ecosystems: emerging models is part of the WISE report series, in this case in partnership with Innovation Unit, a leading innovation social enterprise.

The use of a wider variety of physical, organizational and digital spaces makes the ‘architecture’ of learning in our case studies distinctly different to conventions of schooling.

  • A new study by Steven Sheldon and Sol Bee Jung from Johns Hopkins School of Education examines Parent Teacher Home Visits (PTHV), a strategy for engaging educators and families as a team to support pupil achievement. Sheldon and Jung say, ” The findings of this study do more than support the existing research literature suggesting that family engagement promotes student success; they affirm the efficacy of school outreach to families as a strategy to improve student attendance and achievement outcomes.”

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