Three Truths In Teaching

There are certain things in teaching we need to remind ourselves of, especially when so many cards are stacked against us.

Joe Underwood in Today I Made a Difference reckons that anyone who teaches is likely to experience three truths:

  1. All students, regardless of what anyone says, can and will learn
  2. You may not change the world, but you will change a student’s world
  3. You will have many students who will impact your life, and you theirs

In relation to the first truth, some teachers and schools have unfortunately ‘given up’ on some students. They have been unable to meet their needs and have attached so many labels that the student has been doomed to failure. All students can learn but they don’t need labels and unforgiving teachers.

I’m not sure there are many teachers that ‘change the world’ but yes, you will certainly be a big part of someone else’s world. Students who respect their teachers can hang on their every word and be incredibly influenced by what they do and say. Teachers are world makers and world breakers and shape mindsets of individuals.

Students shape our thinking and who we are too. There are some that perhaps stand out more than others and yes there will be ‘favourites’. Some tug at our heartstrings, some blow us away with their intelligence, others are mature beyond their years and others are just great fun to be around.

You could probably add some more truths of your own to Joe’s trio. What would you say?

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