What’s been in the news just lately?

  • Poorly qualified pre-school workers jeopardise the education of toddlers according to the Education Policy Institute.
  • Don’t learn spelling, just use Google instead. It’s not advice teachers would give for sure. But MPs have warned that Google is promoting an anti-education message as its advertising campaign suggests children do not need to learn how to spell. Robert Halfon MP, chair of the education select committee, said:

They are creating a dependency culture, dependency on the internet. Its entirely wrong, they should be ashamed of themselves.


* Almost one in three (30.3 per cent) of local authority (LA) maintained secondary schools were in deficit in 2017-18 – almost four times that of 2014 (8.1 per cent).

* The average secondary school deficit was nearly half a million pounds (£483,569).

* Significantly, there is a marked contrast between the proportion of secondary schools and primary schools in deficit – only 8 per cent of primaries were in 2017-18.

Many teachers are propping up the school budget by buying their own resources for their lessons.



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