7 Habits Of Effective Teachers

Effective teachers do more than 7 ‘things’ but in my experience and observations they do 7 core things that set them apart.

1. They’re tenacious

Teachers who succeed never give up. They keep on going and are persistent in everything they do. They meet challenges and obstacles with a positive mindset and keep pushing through and will change direction if they have to. They remind everyone that success comes in cans, failure comes in can’ts.

2. They set realistic goals

Time-management is something effective teachers are good at and as part of this they set goals that are specific and attainable. The goals aren’t necessarily big but they are all achievable and manageable. They make plans and they stick to them to achieve what they set out to do.

3. They have a mentor

The best teachers I know certainly aren’t going it alone. They have someone else in their lives who can take on the role of a wise and trusted advisor. This is someone who takes a special interest in helping another person develop into a successful professional. Everyone needs a mentor to help us hurdle challenges, achieve our goals and be a sounding board.

4. They are positive

Happy teachers are effective in their work and they bring positivity to everything they do. They are upbeat, forward thinking and avoid the toxicity of the moaners and droners. They realise that being negative is self-destructive and harmful to the school community.

5. They invest in themselves

Effective teachers don’t stand still. They don’t wait for CPD to happen to them on an inset day, they go out and seek it and make it happen. CPD is something they commit to as a daily habit of self-education and constantly look for ways to learn and improve their craft. They are hungry to expand their knowledge and understanding and enjoy networking with others.

6. They measure what they do

Tracking progress is important and so successful teachers think about what they are doing and measure their improvements. They set their goals and give themselves the best chance of achieving them by looking at their organisational skills, their attitudes and their outcomes. They don’t plod aimlessly from one week to the next with destination addiction.

7. They surround themselves with success

Teachers are not one harmonious team but a collection of types. Effective teachers make sure they align themselves and associate themselves with teachers of a similar mindset and outlook. They invest in positive people, nurture strong relationships and feed off the energy of their colleagues.

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