Hold Your Nerve

I started this blog a year ago and I said that I would make it my New Year’s Resolution to write ‘a blog a day’.

Drum roll please: I did it.

Yep, one blog for every day of the year. Some have been good, some have been okay and a few have been so-so.

For 2019, I’m thinking about I should aim for next.

I think doing a blog a day was something I could achieve because I made just one resolution. If I’d set myself 5 or 10 resolutions then I’d probably be writing this saying I hadn’t achieved any of them.

How do you make a New Year’s resolution that you will keep? Just make one of them. By picking the right resolution you give yourself your best shot at success. It has to be one that is doable and meaningful.

The NHS say this. They recommend just making one resolution because our chances of success are greater when we put our energy into doing just one thing.

I made a promise to myself that I would commit to writing every day and although I told only a handful of people this was my aim, it was only a promise to myself. Telling others didn’t make me accountable. If I hadn’t done it then I would naturally have felt disappointed. I did it because it became a habit and it was doable and meaningful.

Do what works for you but I’m going to stick to just one goal for the year. I think this works for me better because it is a long-term project and something to top and tail each year with to see how far I can go.

Dream big, dream small. Whatever you decide, make a difference.

Happy 2019 and follow my 10 Resolutions for New Teachers.


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