Sleigh Again?

Sometimes we hear things differently.

We hear words that aren’t there. We hear words that are there. We tune into what we think is being said.

Sometimes a word can be used and it can sound quite comical.

Here are some more examples:

  • Ammonia: Kevin’s mum offered me a lift after school but I said ammonia short way from home.
  • Antidotes: My uncle likes me very much and my antidotes on me.
  • Apertif: If he has to eat anything crunchy, my grandad takes apertif from a glass in the bathroom.

Attitude: When I saw our dog with Nell’s cap in his mouth, I was just glad it wasn’t my attitude.

  • Avalanche: In our house, we have breakfast at 7:30 and we always avalance at 12:30.
  • Avoidable: When you walk into a field of cattle, you should always take care to avoidable.
  • Bellicose: You shouldn’t hit someone in the bellicose it hurts.
  • Benign: Last year I was eight, so this year I’ll benign.
  • Bulletin: The cowboy slipped because he’d got a bulletin his leg.
  • Centimetre: Granny arrived last night and I was centimetre at the bus station.
  • Climate: The tree in out back garden is really tall and one day I’ll climate.
  • Contrite: Megan writes brilliant stores, but I contrite a thing.
  • Deceit: When we get to the park there’s always a rush to see who can get first to sit on deceit.
  • Eclipse: On a Sunday my dad gets the garden shears and eclipse the hedge.

Fascinate: I have nine buttons on my shirt, but I can only fascinate.

  • Gladiator: That vicious old hen of ours used to peck me loads so I’m gladiator.
  • Judicious: There was an advert on TV that said hands that judicious can be soft as your face.
  • Nuisance: My brother was complaining that he hadn’t had anything nuisance he started school.

Do you have any other examples like these? Let me know!



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