What’s been in the education news just lately?

  • New research by think tank LMKco says that teachers in London are biased against black Caribbean and white boys from poorer backgrounds.
  • Ever heard of Silmu Parenting? Well, this relates to scientific, evidence-based information and practical advice for challenging situations related to upbringing. Silmu Parenting is a platform developed at the University of Helsinki, “helps parents better understand their children’s traits, while improving parents’ self-understanding and, thus, making it easier for them to be the kind of parent that the children need them to be.”
  • A new report from the Education Endowment Foundation offers four practical and evidence-based recommendations on working with parents to support their children’s learning:
  1. Critically review how you work with parents
  2. Provide practical strategies to support learning at home
  3. Tailor school communications to encourage positive dialogue about learning
  4. Offer more sustained and intensive support where needed

In terms of importance, coherent rationale, knowledge of curriculum concepts and curriculum is ambitious were the most prominent intent indicators spoken about by inspectors during the focus group…..too many primary schools in our sample had an imbalanced curriculum offer. In these schools, the curriculums were not as challenging as that set out in the national curriculum 2014.

  • Led by Dr Joanna Sikora of Australian National University, academics analysed data from more than 160,000 adults from 31 different countries and found that growing up in a house full of books is major boost to literacy and numeracy. She said early exposure to books in the parental home matters “because books are an integral part of routines and practices that enhance lifelong cognitive competencies.”
  • Have you heard about The Day? This is an online news service used by schools around the world teachers can subscribe to help “students develop information literacy and critical thinking and prepares them for the challenges ahead in the ever-changing world.”

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