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Inspectors should be careful of the language they use when exploring ‘off-rolling’ in schools. It will usually be unhelpful to talk about ‘unlawful off-rolling’ unless inspectors have evidence that this is what is actually happening. Inspectors also need to remember that off-rolling is often lawful, even if is not in the pupil’s best interests. Inspectors should also be aware that removal from a school’s roll can be in an individual pupil’s best interests

  • A report by the National Literacy Trust found children who engage with reading and writing are three times more likely to have higher levels of mental wellbeing.The report, based on a survey of 49,047 UK school children aged 8 to 18, also found that:
    • Children who are the most engaged with reading and writing are much happier with their lives than children who are the least engaged
    • As children transition from primary to secondary school, their levels of literacy engagement and mental wellbeing both decline and continue on this downward path
    • Boys who are the most engaged with reading and writing have higher levels of mental wellbeing than girls who are engaged
  • What do you want to be when you grown older? According to the Millennium Cohort Study by the LSE, “Across all ethnic groups, boys often say they want to be a sportsman, or engineer, with many also aspiring to become lawyers or doctors… irls are also aspiring to highly-paid jobs, although their preferred professions tend to be less well-paid than those of boys, particularly when they are younger.”
  • Hitting the news this week are pupils at Stanley Park High, a south London secondary school who have been told they will be banned from cycling unless they display number plates on their bicycles.
  • Are Ofsted promoting subject specialists at primary? Read their latest Ofsted news blog and curriculum research findings.
  • Contract-cheating is bad for the system. Over 40 university bosses have written to the education secretary calling for so-called essay mill companies to be banned.

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