Forget The Floss – It’s Time To DUMTUS!

Have you done the DUMTUS?

We all know about doing ‘The Floss‘ thanks to Russell ‘Backpack Kid‘ Horning but what about doing the DUMTUS?

Although they can be extremely useful, there can be too many acronyms for children to learn sometimes. However, DUMTUS is a must-have for classroom management and ‘good houskeeping’ purposes.

Every teacher on planet Earth will know the frustration of work that isn’t underlined or dated which is where DUMTUS can help:



Miss a line,




This is also known as DUMTUMS (Date/Underline/Miss a line/Title/Underline/Miss a line/Start).

If your children haven’t done the DUMTUS then it’s time to introduce this, stick it in your handwriting policy or presentation guidelines and make it a habit!

The Floss is one of those fads that come along and disappear into school history along with fidget spinners and the like. But DUMTUS isn’t a fad if you value presentation – it’s for life.

Oh, yes and always show your working out! 

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