Syringe Painting

We don’t always associate syringes with art but they are brilliant tools for painting.

I was inspired by the Tweet below because it demonstrates the fun, creativity and energy of syringe art.

Medical syringes are ideal for using in an art lesson because they really are simple to use (and messy but then what do you expect?). You can buy syringes from educational suppliers and for school purposes this is the way to go – upcycling is important but I wouldn’t ask for any from home.

This is the perfect activity for taking outside – it is colourful, therapeutic and very effective where everyone can produce a piece of art to be proud of. Syringe art is a engaging way into painting like Pollock.

If you are looking for ‘how to do it’ then head over to Hands On As We Grow for some ideas. Top tip: don’t fire the syringe into the air!

You might be thinking that syringe art is just for early years but think again – this is art for all ages. Take a look at the amazing creations of a nurse here and in the following video:


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