The Decisive Dozen

Do you know what the 12 most decisive learning strategies are?

Dr. Will Thalheimer wrote a research abstract called The Decisive Dozen and presented 12 strategies that, if implemented, would significantly improve learning.

According to Dr Will’s research the 12 most important learning factors are:Image result for the decisive dozen


There is a lot of wisdom in this dozen and it is very neatly summarised – it is surprising that it isn’t widely known or more referred to.

How much of what you do falls into the decisive dozen? Are there any elements you are not including? The findings are based on scientific research and practical real-world wisdom so shouldn’t every school have a copy of this on a wall right in front of the photocopier where it will be read in idle moments?

Who is Will Thalheimer?

Compiler of the Decisive Dozen, one of the authors of the Serious eLearning Manifesto (, founder of The Debunker Club (Debunker.Club), and author of the highly-acclaimed book Performance-Focused Smile Sheets (, Will blogs at, tweets as @WillWorkLearn



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