Contract Cheating

What you see isn’t what you get. 

Contract essay cheating isn’t new.

In fact, it’s been around for a long time but it has recently hit the headlines again after reports of popular YouTube ‘stars’ making money from publicising EduBirdie.

Various websites exist that provide a writing ‘service’ to help students pass assignments and many students are willing to pay. But these ‘essay mills’ are bad news and highly damaging.

Many provide essays by so-called expert writers that are well-below the high standards they promote and this tells you everything – they are rubbish!

Academic integrity is obviously essential for maintaining an environment that fosters excellence in teaching, research and other educational and scholarly activities. However, there will always be students looking to take a short-cut and plenty are willing to cheat.

The latest headlines are focusing on the YouTubers who are cashing in on publicising EduBirdie and quite rightly many people have come out to oppose their blatant support of dishonest behaviour.

EduBirdie couldn’t care less and in a statement they said, “We cannot be held responsible for what social influencers say on their channels.”

Laughably they offer plagiarism-free essays and use this as a selling-point. Not submitting your own work is fraud!

It would be nice to think that all students complete academic and scholarly assignments with fairness and honesty but cheats have always existed and always will.

Contract cheating sites have no place in education and essay mill websites need to be outlawed. It’s time to fine them, seize their assets and close them down.

We were promised a crackdown but we need some heavyweight intervention and this needs to be now to stop the fakes, fraudsters and cheats.

Is students really want to help themselves they can follow a study me positive You Tuber like Unjaded Jade or watch the amazing videos of edu-influencers like Andrew Bruff.

See the Daily Telegraph article on ‘study tubers’ here.

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