Are You Doing The Floss?

Are you flossing?

No, not the dental type. I mean the floss dance, the dance craze that has gone viral.

This is the latest fad to hit classrooms across the world and we are all pretty pleased it involves physical activity.

The Floss was started by American teen Russell Horning who has been posting videos since 2015 while dancing with his backpack on and he has become known as “The Backpack Kid“.

Instagram sensation Horning stole the show during Katy Perry’s performance of her song Swish, Swish on Saturday Night Live. The clip is on YouTube and has had more than 35 million views.


What does it involve?

There isn’t much to it and a deadpan expression helps.

You swing your stiff arms and hips in unison taking turns with swinging your arms behind your pack from left to right or vice versa (making it look like flossing of the teeth).

The move itself, looks simple, but the challenging part, is being able to do it extremely fast with coordination! These swift moves Horning calls ‘The Russell’.

As with all fads, most children go crazy for it and most teachers don’t.

But there’s no point in banning it but embrace it (see Simon Hunt) and find creative ways to exploit it to the full and use it as a learning opportunity.

As Mr P says…

If you are still doing the Nae Nae or dabbing then quite frankly stop it and do a mass Floss on the playground before it’s too late. The next fad is just waiting to happen.

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