What are some of the news items that have caught my eye this week?

  • It was Safer Internet Day on Tuesday (06.02.2018) but things are far from safe for children. The NSPCC is calling for immediate action on children’s online safety criticising the government for failing to implement proposals to make young people safer online a decade after they were made in a government-commissioned report. The NSPCC point out that 11 out of 38 proposals were ignored and 4 are now out of date.
  • Ofsted chief Amanda Speilman argues that religious extremists are using schools to narrow children’s horizons and “pervert education”. She says,

Rather than adopting a passive liberalism that says anything goes, for fear of causing offence, schools leaders should be promoting a muscular liberalism.

  • If your students have ambitions to be billionaires then engineering is what they need to study at university. Research from recruitment agency Aaron Wallis Sales Recruitment, looked at the Forbes‘ list of the 100 richest people in the world and found that 75 of the world’s richest 100 people have a degree, and 22 out of these 75 had studied engineering.

These were the top five degrees amongst the world’s billionaires:

  1. Engineering – 22
  2. Business – 16
  3. Finance & Economics – 11
  4. Law – 6
  5. Computer Science – 4

The Department for Education say that,

Parents have a right to teach their children at home but all children must get a safe and suitable education.

You can find out more about why unschooling and home education are not the same thing on the following BBC video.

This report calls for “a marshalling of resources across the various government departments, a reaffirmation of the value of preventative services and the establishment of a cross-government review to understand better the reasons for, and links between, rising levels of child poverty and demand for children’s statutory services.”

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